Love dogs? Love POP? But are you not sure you can foster or donate? Or maybe you have done one or both but you want to do even more! Perfect! POP is always looking for helpers for events and for transportation purposes. If you would like to keep updated in real time with our events, just message our social media with your phone number and we can add you to our volunteer group-chat on the app "GroupMe"-- so make sure you have that app! If you don't, feel free to contact us via facebook, instagram, or email and ask what our future events are and we will be sure to keep you updated. Volunteer options include transporting dogs short distances for us, keeping a dog for a day if a foster is gone for 24 hours or less, holding a dog or helping setting up at an event, and other odd jobs that we may need help with! This can count towards volunteer hours for classes or SGA/Panhellenic organizations.



Fostering is one of the most rewarding things that you can do AND one really big way you can help us at POP rescue team out. In order to save dogs and cats, we always need more fosters. Fostering just means that you house a dog/cat for us until they are adopted! We supply everything you could need, you just do the fun part. The best part is, no experience is required! Fostering helps a dog or cat understand what living in a loving home is like, as many of the dogs we save have never experienced that life. Some dogs have different needs than others, but the one thing that they have in common is that they need YOU! Fostering is not only a great way for dogs to learn about us, but for you to learn about dogs. We at POP are available almost around the clock for support and to answer your questions. As long as your roommates and landlord are on board, you are ready to go! 


If you cannot volunteer or foster-- or maybe you do but you want to do more, POP runs solely and completely off of donations from our supporters. We make absolutely no profit and technically lose money on every dog. But that doesn't stop us and thanks to the help of our amazing supporters, we have been able to save over 100 animals in just two years as a few college kids who wanted to do more with their free time. Donations go towards things such as food, medical attention, shelter fees, toys, and anything else that goes towards the benefit of the dogs. You can also donate towards a specific dog if you would like or even buy items off of our Amazon Wishlist or Chewy.com for our dogs if you would like.