Have commitment issues? Ever wished you had a dog for the day but knew you couldn't permanently adopt or even foster? Pups on the Plains has the solution for you. For just $5 an hour, you can rent one of our healthy, adoptable dogs to accompany you along your day. Whether you want to hike, hang out on Samford Lawn, have a study buddy for stress relief, or just chill with some Netflix, it doesn't matter! Our dogs are just happy to be with you.

To rent a dog, please fill out the REQUEST FORM

AT LEAST a full day ahead of when you plan on renting. This gives us time to coordinate with our fosters on pick-ups and drop-offs. Requesting less than 24 hours in advance makes it incredibly difficult to help you! Then you must fill out the agreement

 form before you rent to bring to the foster for liability purposes once your rent is confirmed. 

*Masks are REQUIRED during all interactions between renters and fosters.
Rent A Dog is NOT available the first Saturday of every month.


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