1. Submit your adoption application with us, which is located below.

2. We WILL check all vet references and personal references listed on the application.

3. After reviewing all applications for one of our animals, we will set up meet and greets with the best suited families for the specific pet.

4. Please understand it can take 5-7 business days for us to review an application.

5. Meet and greets don’t guarantee adoption, as we try to give all suitable applications a chance to meet the pet they have filled out an application for.

6. Family with the best fit will be selected to complete the adoption, which includes paperwork and payment.


Once you have viewed one of our dogs or cats and have decided in your heart that you want to make the commitment to care of this animal for the rest of its life, it's time to fill out the adoption application! To meet the dog, we must have your information on file as a safety measure-- this is our policy. The application is non-binding and does not mean you have to finalize an adoption. Please fill out the form to the best of your ability and an officer will be in contact with you within the next week. Please note that we get notified when your application is sent and that we are full time students and some of us work jobs on the side as well as volunteering our spare time for POP. We may not get back to you immediately-- remain patient. The next step after application approval is a meet and greet for you to spend time with the animal you have chosen and from there we can discuss finalization and any other questions or concerns you may have. An application being sent or even accepted does NOT guarantee adoption of the animal.

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We do not have a location.

Please email us with any questions! 

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